Ready to Unlock Parts of You That are More Powerful than Anything You've EVER known?

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I have a secret...

That I've held for thousands of years.

That I've ventured back in time to retrieve.

A secret so big, so important...

It had to be protected.

And, It can only be revealed to those whose Soul is truly ready to receive it. 

This TRUTH...

will unlock parts of you that are more powerful than anything you've ever known.

Revealing the medicine of medicines

where Alchemy meets Ancient Wisdom.

And, it's time to let this secret unveil itself to


Whose Soul is screaming to KNOW & Experience their Sovereignty in all its power.

Whose Higher Self has guided them here so they may journey where very few have gone

Down into the depths of ONE:You we'll go

Into the Mystical Realms...

Alchemizing Silver into Pure Gold

Lifting the Veil forever.

It's time to remember

Step forward

Leap into the Void.

Where you won't just tap into the Quantum Field.

You're gonna BECOME it.

When Energetics Meets Ancient Wisdom

So you've taken an insane number of courses on every spiritual topic you can imagine?

And, if you have to take one more surface level, already been there and done that, course...you're gonna gag.

You can feel that you're so close to that next level of awakening...

That next level of conscious awareness...

And, perhaps you're already experiencing crazy dreams and less sleep.

Maybe you've palate is changing too. Certain foods just don't seem to interest you as much anymore.

Your subtle frequency is rising, and you becoming more and more in tune with your gifts every day. 

Emotions are steadily coming to the surface, as new layers appear to be healed frequently.

If feels like you're moving at light speed...and some how still not fast enough to support your BIG Vi$ion(s).

Ready for this??

Cause we're not touching the Quantum Field, we're gonna become it.

Spending the last 4 years traveling through timelines into the past and uncovering secrets, codes, portals, books, and re-connecting unseen connections...

I've been divinely gifted this information.

With very specific instructions...

To share these secrets with as many people as possible. 

 I'm not holding anything back.

So, Get Ready. 

Cause I'm about to blow your mind!

Time to return to the Source, to ONE...

to a WHOLE You.

Surrender to your wholeness & Reclaim your Sovereignty!




Please note this is a Spirit Guided, Channeled Course, and the exact topics and teachings will be revealed by spirit during the LIVE calls. Thus, all information listed below is subject to variation. 

Level 1:  Surrender Code

Level 2: Sovereignty Code

Level 3-Divine Mother Code

Level 4: Divine Father Code

Level 5: Divine Unity

Wendy Louise... you blew me away! I was able to recognize my patterns (both blocks and strengths) and am always doing the work to deepen my understanding of them.

~Venus Rose

Just watched recording. You are incredible. So many things that you said which are only just sinking in. Thank you again.

~Libby Kemkaran-Thompson

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  • 5 Code Transmissions

  • 2 Guided Meditations

  • Integration/Q&A Calls

  • Healing Energy Alchemy  


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Join Us for as Little as $118 Today

Pay in Full




4 Monthly Payments




12 Monthly Payments




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